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Wildfire 5.0 lectures on DVD

A complete set of lectures (45-70 minutes each)
covering each lesson in the book is available
(Windows Media Player, WPV)

Lecture Sample Lecture
* Project Sample Lecture
Lesson 2     Catalog Part- 500152
* TE SE version
* Commercial version
Lesson 8    Flange Nut
* TE SE version
* Commercial version
Lesson    5.00 Stud
* TE SE version
* Commercial version
Lesson 8    3.50 Stud
* TE SE version
* Commercial version
PTC Creo Elements/Pro
formally Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0
CDI CAD Classes

Course and  Distance Learning
Assembly Projects
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ISBN 10:  1-4390-6202-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-4390-6202-9
ISBN 1111872642 (includes Pro/E WF5.0 Student Edition

Sample book Lesson
Front Matter
System Drawing Parameters List
WF5 Configuration Files

Book Projects
Lesson Projects PDF download
Project Lecture Sample  Angle Block
Coupling Standard Parts

Advanced Projects
Project- Connector
Project- Casting
PP AV1 AV2 PDF1 PDF2 Holes
Drawing Project  Fitting part

PTC Tutorial
Missing templates for WF4 Student Edition

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